Security Alerts

It's important to protect yourself and your identity. In today's world, it has become a lot more difficult than before. Please read our latest news below and stay up to date on the latest scams, security breaches, and compromises!

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December 2017 - PayPal Scam

It's common scam right before the holidays for fraudsters to send phishing emails, hoping that people forget what they bought online or where they bought it from. These emails may ask you to click a link which will prompt people to put in payment information so they can steal money out from under you. Make sure not to click on unsolicited emails or links in them. If you have questions about a purchase you made, contact the company you bought the item from.

September 2017 - Federal Reserve Scams

Individuals have been promoting videos online where they claim that people can make payments using false account numbers styled as secret accounts or Social Security trust accounts held at the Federal Reserve Banks. Please know that you must not use Federal Reserve Bank routing numbers when making online payments. Click Here for the full article, provided by the Federal Reserve Bank.

September 2017 - Chase Bank Phishing Scam

Recently, there have been emails, text messages, and phone calls sent to both Chase customer and to those who don't bank with this institution asking for personal information to be given. Chase Bank is asking that people do not respond to these messages with any personal information. They also have an email address set up for people to forward suspicious messages on to them. If you see any of these messages, please email them to abuse@chase.comClick Here for Chase's page about phishing.

September 2017 - Hurricane Relief Funding

There have been many instances of people receiving requests for donations to benefit the victims of the recent hurricane. Please make sure that you check the source of any requests and ensure that they are legitimate organizations rather than scammers looking for account information. It's very important to do research about who you're choosing to donate with and reach out to them directly rather than responding to any requests before giving out your personal information.

September 2017 - IRS/FBI Phishing Scam

The IRS has put out a notification that there is a new phishing scam that attempts to have you download an FBI questionnaire. If you do click this link, your computer will be infected with Ransomware. Ransomware is a type of software designed to block access to your computer system or hold information hostage until a sum of money has been paid to the scammer. This scam is utilizing logos of both the IRS and FBI. Please remember that the IRS will not contact you via email, text message, or social media to discuss tax issues.