Financial Education

Financial Education is important to us. As a community organization, we aim to share financial knowledge with our members and do what we can to arm them with information to help them protect themselves from falling victim to financial crimes. Take a look at a few of these resources to learn more about credit unions, practical money skills, credit reports, and what you can do to fight against intrusions on your personal information.

How Can I Protect My Identity?

It's important to ask yourself every once in a while what more you could be doing to protect your identity. Take a moment and read this information from the Federal Trade Commission about protecting your privacy. Just click here!

Greater Kentucky Credit Union also offers Kasasa Protect to our members. This 24/7 fraud and credit monitoring service alerts you any time there's important information about your identity.

Need to learn Practical Money Skills?

You've come to the right place! Click here to view Practical Money Skills, a site dedicated to providing easy to follow videos and information about improving your money skills! Practical Money Skills is a source of financial information to help you learn more about the personal finance for the home, school or business. Whether you’re an adult or child, Practical Money Skills has everything from free educational resources, financial tips from financial experts, calculators and games to give you the tools you need to achieve healthy financial well-being.

Have You Looked at Your Credit Report Lately?

What’s My Score provides members with access to free valuable online financial education, calculators, and tools that show students and young adults the effect credit score has on your ability to borrow, whether for your first car, home or student loan.

  • Money Guides – resources if you are buying your first car or heading to college

  • Downloads – learn what a credit score is, how it is calculated, why it is important, and tips on how to keep it in top form

  • Break the Code – find out how you can improve your score

  • The Facts – read about common mistakes that can actually lower your credit score

  • Resources – information on obtaining your annual free credit report and more

Click here to be directed to What's My Score.

To go ahead and pull your free credit report from the three main bureaus, click here to be directed to

Want to Know More About Credit Unions? was created by the NCUA solely for the use of consumers, You will find general information about credit unions, financial tools and resources, and lots of other useful information. 

The NCUA is set up to insure your accounts with us. Want to estimate your share insurance? Click here to estimate your Share Insurance. For more information, check out these brochures:

Your Insured Funds

How Your Accounts are Federally Insured